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Here at McKinley Financial, we believe that markets work,

and therefore, diversification also works. Backed by decades

of academic research, our investment philosophy finds that

crafting portfolios based on the unique needs and individual

risk profile of each client is critical in achieving financial goals.

Several studies have found that the average equity investor has fallen well short of the returns produced by the overall stock market. Many of these investors attempt to “time” the market, allowing fear and greed to dictate their investment decisions. Our approach aims to eliminate the emotions involved with investing so that our clients are able to capitalize on market returns while reducing volatility through diversification.


Most people think that the more active they are in managing their portfolio, the more success they will have, while in all likelihood, the opposite is true.

Over time, these “investors” tend to develop an emotional attachment to specific investments or strategies, which can be detrimental to their financial goals. By definition, those who rely on their “gut feelings” when it comes to investment decisions fall more under the category of speculators rather than investors.

Our advisors focus primarily on passive investment strategies that emphasize low-cost funds and diversification. We select the majority of our funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors and Vanguard as their approach is based on the same science behind financial markets that our philosophy focuses on.

To provide our clients with a strategy that supports their demands, we utilize a disciplined approach that concentrates on asset allocation and diversification across multiple asset classes.

Through this, we are able to limit exposure to any one economic sector or geographical region while maintaining a rate of return that has consistently outpaced inflation by a significant margin in the long-run.

Bonds are also used to mitigate risk within managed portfolios. Our fixed income models include government, corporate, and sometimes municipal bond funds to reduce volatility associated with equity investing. When building client portfolios, our advisors focus mainly on bonds with strong credit ratings and low default risk.


Our staff is dedicated to providing clients with quality services specializing in financial planning and wealth management.

Please contact us if you are interested in working with us to secure your financial future.

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McKinley Financial is a registered investment advisor that offers a wide range of comprehensive wealth management solutions. Our company is rooted in a public accounting firm, McKinley & Co. PC, which was founded in 1983.

With expertise in taxes, estates, and trusts, McKinley & Co. provides valuable support services that other wealth management firms don’t have access to. 

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